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When first looking at contents pages,I decided to look at some examples on the internet in order to get a brief idea the mise-en-scene( texts, layout and photographs used).

Here is the first example I have chosen. I decided to use this because it has a simple layout, which is very effective and makes it easier for the audience to read, if they are scanning through it, before they decide to buy the magazine.

I also like the use of colour. The black and red texts and backgrounds are similar to that of  the colour scheme on the front cover,which links the magazine to a theme. This  helps the audience associate this theme to the magazine, so it is more recognisable.

For my second example, I chose this because I like how the artist’s face is introduced in the contents. So that the audience  know what the magazine will include about the artist.

Similar to the previous example, I like the way the layout and the way the magazine’s text and colour match the front cover,  linking magazine to a theme. What I think is most effective about this contents page, is how the text has been matched to the colour of the artist’s eyes, and I would like to use something similar to this technique on my own contents page.

For my third example, I chose a simpler layout with a full length photograph because I wanted to use a full body image on my own contents page.

However I find the text informing the audience of the content of the magazine to small, and hard to read. Which I think is not fulling it’s purpose, to inform the audience. I will make sure that in my own contents page, I will use clearer, bigger text, in a color that is in keeping with the theme of my Front cover.

 In this post I have selected a few shot from the photo shoot and analysed them, so I know where and how I can improve the compostion.

1- Here is Jack modelling a humorous “Tongue in cheek” pose. I liked the landscape in the background, however I thought it didn’t look as natural with the house in the background. Even though this could easily be removed on Photoshop, I wanted a more casual look to the photograph, with model appearing unaware. This would make the reader feel involved, almost that they are there inside the scene of the shot. Rather than the shot looking staged like this one.


2- In this shot, I like Jack’s facial expression, it is warm and open, which would help invite the reader. However I feel this shot looks slightly awkward and staged. I also think that the shot should include more of Jack’s body and the background is boring. To improve this I would change the contrast but I think this shot is  too plain to use as the front cover photograph. 


3- For this shot I decided to arrange Jack so that he was looking away from the camera which would lose the impression of an arranged shot. I like the composition of this shot, although I would have liked it more, if I had taken this from further away. I think if the shot included more of Jack’s body, it would be more interesting.  


4-What I like about this shot is that it has a similar composition to the previous photograph. Unfortunately the main features of the shot are at an off angle which disrupts the photograph and makes it look messy. I also think there should be more of the ground and leaves and less of the landscape behind Jack’s head, as this also disrupts the shot. 

For my first photo shoot, I decided to use a simple backdrop, in my local park.I thought the  landscapes would achieve a  natural look to the photos. I have seen similar pictures in a catalogue of Jack Wills and thought it may be a good place to start, as I wasn’t entirely sure where to start.I thought about doing an industrial backdrop,maybe a  factory.However his type of scene wouldn’t relate to the type of music I want to represent on my music magazine cover and contents page.  

The type of music I want to represent would be easy listening,alternative, along the lines of acts such as Jack Johnson, who’s look is “surfer dude”, implying relaxation and an openess which would be appealing to many customers. I decided I wanted this sort of laid back approach instead of an edgy punk rock ,because I want my magazine to look approachable and not intimidating to readers.  

I used my friend Jack as a model because he has an interesting look and character to his face.The fact that Jack’s look is quirky and different  instead of the perfect-,airbrushed  looks that are seen on many fashion magazines,helps to promote the approachability of the magazine.I also chose Jack because he is confident and is comfortable modelling for me.  

To warm up, I had Jack model a range of facial expressions and poses, so I could compare and narrow down the sort of composition I wanted for the cover photograph.

Vogue Fashion Magazine-The type of composition I would like to use for my cover.


In this lesson, I am looking at different layouts of magazine covers.This will help me to establish what type of  backdrop, style of text, type of model and colour scheme, I want to include in my Music magazine cover.

What I like about this Cover is the simple cream backdrop and the Vibrant red of the brand logo, I think it is very effective.I also think that the costume of the model bring something extra to the shot, it adds a sinister element to the cover.

Example contents page for a music magazine, I would like to use something similar in my magazine.

What I like about this magazine contents is the layout of the sub headings and text. I prefer this beause it is simple and easier to read than some other contents pages.It is organised and informative, it performs it’s function without any confusion. What I like most about it is the statement titles, such as the bold date.

Unedited Photograph

Here is the best shot from the photoshoot, I chose to use  Punk costume, as it appeals to the Genre I have chosen to use for the music magazine.

Edited Photograph

Here is the edited photograph.To start I adjusted the contrast, so it enhanced the shadow in the shot, which would give a darker feel to the shot.I then paled out the face of the model using the brush tool on a spray setting.After I cleared up the face and removed any excess with the rubber, I started to look at the eyes. I thought I would change the colour to a yellowish – grey and darken the pupils down, by adjusting the Hue and Saturation, to give an almost snake like appearence.  I also used the adjust tool to whiten the eyes so the Yellow iris stood out more.To finish the eyes,I used  the Brush tool on the spray setting to line the eyes with black , creating a “grunge” look.

I thought about keeping the hair colour similar you the original photograph and use the adjust tool to higlight parts but as I started to select the hair with the magic wand tool, I found even by changing the tolerance, I couldn’t achive the decided look.After many attempts I decided to use a different technique. Instead I went over the shape of the hair with the Paint Brush tool and changed the opacity,so the texture of the original photograph underneath would show through the new colour.

Finally I enhanced the colours of the mouth by selecting the parts I wanted with the Selction tool and using the adjust tool. To add finishing touches I  selected the inside of the Jacket and the teeth and enhanced the brightness to make them more visible.

To improve this as a magazine cover,  I would include a title and headings.